Antenne schakelaar SP-2 van RF Systems

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Antenne splitters


(Gereserveerd) Te koop aangeboden antenne schakelaar SP-2 van RF Systems.

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earth, preventing that static built-up from nearby thunderstorms harm the sensitive input circuitry of theweather satellite receiver.Features* Frequency range 137 - 138 MHz ± 1 dB* Reception pattern: Omni directional* Polarisation: Horizontal for elevation angles < 20 degrees, changing to right-hand circular on signals with elevation angles of 40 degrees and higher.* Dimensions: 90 cm height, 1.10 m diameterSPLITTERS & COMBINERSSP - 1 antenna splitter/combinerThe SP - 1 offers the possibility to connect two receivers to one antenna, either passive or active. The veryhigh degree of isolation between both receivers ensures that each receiver can be tuned and operated if itwas connected to its own antenna, because there is no mutual interaction or signal loss when one receiveris tuned to a different frequency band than the other. The SP - 1 can also be used as combiner for twoantennas on one receiver. This offers the possibility to combine the signals of for instance a horizontal- anda vertical antenna, antennas in different directions and so on. A dual antenna system can offer a muchbetter performance than just a single antenna. Thanks to the high isolation of the SP - 1, both antennasdon't "see" each other, preventing that the signal of one antenna is re-radiated by the other antenna. That iswhat happens if you simply connect both antennas in parallel.Features* Frequency range : 50 kHz - 50 MHz* One antenna feeds two receivers or two antennas feed one receiver without switching* 30 dB or more isolation between the receivers, no mutual interaction* Static built-up on the antenna is safely lead to earthSP - 2 antenna splitter/step attenuator/antenna switchLike the SP - 1, the SP - 2 can feed two receivers from one antenna. The isolation between the receivers ismore than 30 dB, which ensures totally independent tuning of each radio. This also prevents whistles due tooscillator radiation and loss of sensitivity from one receiver, caused by the input circuitry of the secondreceiver. The SP - 2 offers also a precision step attenuator (0 to - 40 dB). This can be used to adjust thelevel of the antenna signals, thus preventing overload of the receiver(s). A switchable medium wavesuppression filter makes it possible to listen with full sensitivity on long wave and shortwave, withoutoverload from strong medium wave transmitters. Two antennas, for instance one horizontal, the othervertical, or one passive, the other active, can be connected to the SP - 2. A switch on the front panelmakes it possible to instantly switch between antenna 1 and antenna 2 without having to unscrew anyconnectors. These features make the SP – 2 also ideal for the use with a single receiver

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