w2ihy eq plus

€ 325,00
186 x bekeken sinds




EQPlus Audio Equalizer
incl. adapter en 2 kabels , 1 voor Yeasu front aansluiting en 1 voor Icom
achterkant aansluiting Transceiver incl. beschrijving .
(nieuwprijs 460euro ,en kabels kosten 30euro stuk is tot.nieuwprijs 520euro)
mijn vraagprijs 325 eurotjes ! vaste prijs. bieden heeft geen zin !!!

Use EQplus to expand your W2IHY 8-Band EQ/Noise Gate. Connect one simple cable from your 8-Bander to EQplus and you're connected to world-class audio capabilities.
EQplus can be used as a stand-alone unit. If the onboard Dual-Band EQ meets your needs, put EQplus between your microphone and radio. If you find you'd like to have additional adjustability and control, you can always add a W2IHY 8-Band EQ later on.
Rack users: EQplus is a one-of-a-kind accessory that gives you unmatched capabilities in radio interfacing, impedance matching, level control and RF/audio isolation. Nothing else compares at any price.

Adjustable Compressor gives your signal a serious boost in loudness. Increase talk power while your signal stays squeaky-clean
Adjustable Downward Expander provides ultra-fast and transparent background noise reduction
Limiter manages onboard levels and works in harmony with compressor for big, full, commanding audio
Convenient front panel controls
Interface up to 3 radios
Use the Dual-Band EQ for a finishing touch on your lows and highs
Effects Processor adds smooth bright presence to your signal
Supply: 7-14V (100ma) wall transformer provided

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